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  • Configuration of the Deep Neural Network Hyperparameters for the Hypsometric Modeling of the Guazuma crinita Mart. in the Peruvian Amazon 

    Gianmarco Goycochea Casas; Duberlí Geomar Elera Gonzáles; Juan Rodrigo Baselly Villanueva; Leonardo Pereira Fardin; Hélio Garcia Leite (MDPIBZ, 2022-04-22)
    The Guazuma crinita Mart. is a dominant species of great economic importance for the inhabitants of the Peruvian Amazon, standing out for its rapid growth and being harvested at an early age. Understanding its vertical ...
  • Improving 3-PG calibration and parameterization using artificial neural networks 

    Gabriela Cristina, Costa Silva; Júlio C´esar Lima Neves; Gustavo Eduardo Marcatti; Carlos Pedro Boechat Soares; Natalino Calegario; Carlos Alberto Araújo Júnior; Duberlí Geomar Elera Gonzales; Jos´e Marinaldo Gleriani; Daniel Henrique Breda Binoti; Haroldo Nogueira de Paiva; Helio Garcia Leite (Elsiver IncBJ, 2023-01-23)
    Understanding how the physiological processes of trees are affected by the environment or silvicultural practices is important for forest management, which requires process-based models. It enables the evaluation of the ...
  • IoT technology enabled stochastic computing paradigm for numerical simulation of heterogeneous mosquito model 

    Sohaib Latif; Zulqurnain Sabir; Muhammad Asif Zahoor Raja; Cieza Altamirano, Gilder; Sandoval Núñez, Rafaél Artidoro; Oseda Gago, Dulio; R. Sadat; Mohamed R. Ali (springer LinkCF, 2022-11-19)
    In this communication, a fractional order design and numerical form of the solutions are presented for numerical simulations of heterogeneous mosquito model. The use of the fractional order derivatives is exploited to ...
  • Artificial neural network-based heuristic to solve COVID-19 model including government strategies and individual responses 

    Thongchai Botmart; Zulqurnain Sabir b; Shumaila Javeed c; Rafaél Artidoro Sandoval Núñez d; Wajaree weera a; Mohamed R. Ali e; R. Sadat f (Informatics in Medicine UnlockedBT, 2022-07-16)
    The current work aims to design a computational framework based on artificial neural networks (ANNs) and the optimization procedures of global and local search approach to solve the nonlinear dynamics of the spread of ...
  • Swarming Computational Techniques for the Influenza Disease System 

    Cieza Altamirano, Gilder; Sakda Noinang; Zulqurnain Sabir; Muhammad Asif Zahoor Raja; Manuel Jesús Sànchez-Chero; Seminario-Morales, María-Verónica; Wajaree Weera; Thongchai Botmart (Tech Science PressAS, 2022-07-28)
    The current study relates to designing a swarming computational paradigm to solve the influenza disease system (IDS). The nonlinear system’s mathematical form depends upon four classes: susceptible ndividuals, infected ...

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